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isn’t it about time we changed the law and stopped raiding peoples’ homes for possession?

How am I supposed to take you seriously when I know more about the effects of illicit substances than you do? Who do I turn to? Who is going to help me? My problem is not the adverse effects of cannabis because as far as I can see, there are none (subjective to the individual). No, my problem is prohibition itself, driving the price of all illicit substances through the roof and draining my bank account, not to mention the constant state of fear I’m in because the penalty for mere possession is absolutely absurd. Drug use is not a criminal problem but a health problem, if you do indeed choose to see it as a problem at all. My question is, isn’t it about time we changed the law and stopped raiding peoples’ homes for possession? I don’t even know why I’m asking, of course it is.

It’s good that you have a good knowledge of illicit substances and their physical and psychological effects. This undoubtedly will be of benefit to you if the choice you are making is to use them. However, I think it’s worth pointing out, if you don’t know this already, that things tend to change all of the time particularly with legal / illegal highs and so in order to enhance your safety, learning about these substances can only be good for you if you wish to remain safe. You sound as if you know your substances so I hope you would agree that it’s not right to say that there are no adverse effects associated with cannabis use. Yes it is dependent on the strength of the drug and the individual etc but to say there are no bad affects from cannabis would not be correct.

You state that your problem is prohibition itself in which case let me inform you that no one is going to help you here as there will be no movement on the law anytime soon.  That is not to say that there should not be a proper debate about it.  CTT has no opinion one way or the other and serves to provide impartial information and advice based on current research, scientific evidence and clinical practice.

You also say that prohibition drives the price of illicit substances through the roof.  Actually if and when drugs get regulated you will find that there will be a year on year real increase in price most likely above the rate of inflation.  Try to think back to how much cigarettes and alcohol cost ten or twenty years ago.  I can assure you that the price of illicit drugs has not increased in line with these legalised drugs.  In fact the burgeoning market in cannabis in those US States that allow it has those local governments excited at the tax revenues likely to be generated. I wonder if your bank account is drained because actually you have a problem in regulating your consumption in line with what you can afford. If you feel you need more detailed information please contact D.A.S.H - Drug Advice & Services Helpline or have a look at these websites for more support. Motiv8, Drug Aware, Talk to Frank, Isle of Man Drug and Alcohol Team.

Someone i know has taken a video of someone under age having sex

Someone i know has taken a video of someone under age having sex with a girl who is 16 without the under age person knowing what is going to happen if the police find out

Thank you for writing in to me, you have come to the right place for advice! I think it is most important you tell your friend to get rid of the image/video and definitely don’t pass it on or show it anyone. If they do they will be breaking the law. As it happens there are two different sections within the law that would be taken into account.  The first is that the person who is under 16 cannot legally consent to have sexual activity. Persons found having sexual relations with a minor (under the age of consent) will also be prosecuted for Unlawful sexual intercourse, or if the sexual act is not a penetrative act then Indecent assault on a minor. The consequences of this can be big and a prosecution for any of these offences means that an offender is placed on the sex offenders register.

Secondly the law concerned is about making of sexually explicit images (the video) and is there to protect people participating in those acts who are under the age of 18 this is considered to be the production of pornography and would be even more serious if it was passed on /distributed. It is a crime to take, make, permit to take, distribute, show, possess, possess with intent to distribute, or to advertise indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of any person below the age of 18. The taking of such videos is often due to children and young people taking risks and pushing boundaries as they become more sexually and socially aware. With the prevalence of mobile phones with cameras and internet access and the increased use of Bluetooth technology, images can be shared easily between friends.  Sharing indecent images in this way is known by the term ‘sexting’ and it can have extremely damaging effects.

Remember the most important thing is to encourage your friend to get rid of the video and not to share to with anyone - Good luck.

been drinking with mates and one has had to go to hospital will police have to question me

It’s not clear why your mate ended up in hospital. If it was purely for a medical reason then it is unlikely that the police would want to see you.

However if going to hospital was because of some alcohol-related behaviour, then the police might wish to speak to you. For example if they were fighting or got assaulted, or if an accident was caused by them being drunk. In these situations the police are trying to find out what has happened, so co-operation is important.

Are you able to get testosterone injections on the Isle or man?

Are you able to get testosterone injections on the Isle or man? I’m transgender and i was just wondering if its possible to get it over here I read of going abroad

I suspect it’s not available. It would be best to talk to your GP in the first instance if you haven’t already. Your GP will be able to help get you access to other services and help. You can speak to your GP confidentially, and find out what the next steps to take are. I would recommend that you be very careful with what you read online and don’t go ahead with anything that is not confirmed safe with your GP or a medical professional.

Is the abortion pill (mifepristone) legal and available on the Isle of Man?

Thank you for writing to me. To the best on my knowledge the ‘abortion pill’ is not available on the Isle of Man due to the legal status around abortion. If this is an option you are considering it means that you will have to consider leaving the Island.

The Family Planning Association (FPA) have information that can help you - Early medical abortion (sometimes called EMA) up to nine weeks, involves taking drugs to cause an early miscarriage. It does not involve surgery or an anaesthetic and you will need three appointments. The first is an assessment – the abortion will not be carried out at this visit. You will need two more appointments on two separate days. You should be able to carry out your usual activities between appointments.

At the second appointment, you will be given a tablet (called mifepristone) to swallow. This blocks the pregnancy hormone that is necessary for the pregnancy to continue.

It is very unlikely that the abortion will happen after taking only the mifepristone, but very occasionally it can happen. Some women change their mind about the abortion after they have taken mifepristone. Although studies so far do not show that mifepristone is associated with any risk of fetal abnormality, women are advised to continue with the abortion once they have taken mifepristone. You will be given a 24-hour contact telephone number in case you are worried or would like to talk to someone at any time.

At the third visit (one or two days later) you will be given prostaglandin tablets (called misoprostol or gemeprost). Misoprostol can be used in the vagina or taken by mouth; gemeprost can only be used in the vagina. This causes the uterus (womb) lining to break down and you will start to bleed. You may feel cramping pains similar to period pains; you will be offered pain-relieving drugs. The pregnancy is lost with the bleeding just like a miscarriage. This normally happens 4–6 hours after using the prostaglandin tablets.


If you think you are pregnant its important you talk it through with someone you feel comfortable with and can trust, maybe a friend or relative? Don’t forget you if need to talk with someone about your options, your GP and the Family Planning Clinic staff will all offer you confidential and unbiased information.

My ex-boyfriend is threatening suicide - what can I do to help him?

I have recently dumped a boyfriend because he cheated with many different girls. After ending it, he has been repeatedly been sending me messages and he has said that he is going to cut, smoke weed and become suicidal. What can I do to help him? Please help!

It’s great that you were able to stand up for yourself and not allow your ex-boyfriend to continue to cheat on you.  It sounds like he wanted to have his cake and eat it.  Of course he could be quite distressed that the relationship is over and that you have finished it, and maybe the way he is pressuring you is a way of expressing his misery. Maybe you could inform him of the helplines that are available for the problems he is experiencing or suggest he visit his GP to get help.

On the other hand he may not be used to you taking control and this may be a way of him trying to get you to stay with him.  Of course the decision about whether to do so is yours.  Obviously you have a strong emotional connection to him but he is not your responsibility.  You need to weigh up the pros and cons of staying with him versus finishing with him.  On a more practical level you need to consider if he has been sexually active with these many different girls and if he used protection, as that may have health implications for you. Have a look at our information on the GUM clinic if you want get checked or need any advice.

Hope it all works out for both of you, good luck!

I’d like to possibly buy a sex toy, what is the Manx law regarding this?

A sex toy is generally considered to be an object or device used to assist sexual pleasure, such as a dildo or vibrator. Many popular sex toys are designed to resemble human genitals and they may be vibrating or non-vibrating.

There is no specific Manx law relating to the sale of sex toys although a shopkeeper might refuse to sell certain items to anyone they consider under age. It is possible to purchase a wide range of sex toys on the internet and there are a number of well-known suppliers. It is important to buy from a reputable shop or supplier as no specific safety regulations exist in the sex toy industry.

When choosing a sex toy, it is important to check what it is made of because it may not be safe for intimate use. Cleaning sex toys is also very important in order to avoid the potential of bacterial infection and you should always use warm water and unscented anti-bacterial soap.


I regularly take LSD because i have gotten so used to the effects it freakz me out when i’m sober

I regularly take LSD because i have gotten so used to the effects it freakz me out when i’m sober and i got many crazy. other drugs don’t make me vry High.

It sounds like you are using a lot of LSD. It can be common for someone to take LSD again and again in order to continue to experience what they have been feeling. For some people there is a sense of ‘enlightenment’ i.e. they feel that they are more in tune with the world and have special knowledge. When the acid wears off life can seem very boring.  It is also common to experience weird sights, sounds and feelings.  When these are fun and exciting the user wants to repeat the experience. It sounds like this is what has been happening to you.

Because you’ve been using regularly you’ve built up a tolerance which means you need to use more to get the same effect. You may have started to depend on it to cope with what is going on around you. The problem is that because acid distorts reality and perceptions making good choices can be difficult and not based on reason and good judgement. You need to stop using it and come down for a bit. Don’t be tempted to use other drugs. Give your body and mind a rest.  While you’re doing this seek some additional support from DASH or Motiv8 .

You can also find out more about LSD and its effects on the drugs A-Z and the Frank website


I do drugs all the time but i know i should stop

i do drugs all the time, i’m on drugs now but i don’t wanna stop cos it’s soooo good, but i know i should because i’m well ill.

Thanks for getting in touch - It’s a bit worrying that you say you do drugs all of the time, because that is not going to be good for you.  You said it yourself: “I’m well ill”.  I don’t know what type of drugs you are using but there are different risks associated with different drugs.  Regardless of what drugs you might be using there is always a risk of dependency and harm to yourself.  Perhaps you could think about the drugs you are using and then look at the information we provide on this site.  If you feel you need more detailed information please contact D.A.S.H - Drug Advice & Services Helpline or have a look at these websites for more support. Motiv8 Drug Aware Talk to Frank Isle of Man Drug and Alcohol Team.

Is it possible to get the Gardasil vaccine on the Isle of Man?

Is it possible to get the Gardasil vaccine on the Isle of Man? I am a 42 year old man and have several sexual partners.

Thank you for writing to me. The use of Gardasil vaccine is currently only licensed for females.  Males of any age are not covered by the national Human Papillomavirus vaccination programme. You will be able to obtain sexual health advice from the genitourinary (GUM) clinicat Nobles Hospital or alternatively by making an appointment to speak with your GP. Hope this is helpful, good luck.


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